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Special offer from December, 1st to December 21st, 2017:

You can get CD 1 & CD 2 for 33 Euros, plus shipping and handling charges! To order please send an email to web@songcatcher.eu :)

  • To all friends of the music of "Songcatcher & friends" - thank you for your faithfulness :)

"Music helps you to survive your troubles, helps distract you from your troubles.
But some music helps you understand your troubles."
Pete Seeger [1919 - 2014]

His music, his way of singing, his humility, his authentic way of life touches my heart deeply.

German-speaking Reclaiming Dandelion Meeting
10.-13. Mai 2018, Harz
International guests are welcome! Wo would like to join us - please let us know :)
4th Goddess Conference in Vienna
31st May - 2nd June 2018, Castle Laudon, Vienna
Paula Noske & Peti Songcatcher are happy to be a part of it and to serve as ritual musicians.
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Testimonials & press comments
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Peti says welcome!
Many cultures have been using music, dancing & chanting as a means to harmonize man and nature for centuries. Songs, stories, myths & fairytales ...
Partnerin der Newslichter
Unterstützung für das tolle Projekt von ...
... Bettina Sahling. Die Partner der newslichter bilden das Netzwerk der guten Nachrichten, um auf klassische Werbeformate verzichten zu können.
„Das Lied der Eibe“
Duke Meyer
.. ein Runen-Rausch, ein mitreißendes Wortkonzert, leidenschaftlich, wild und zärtlich..
Jetzt in 3. Auflage erhältlich!