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Songcatching ● International ritual music & chants

What is it all about ...

I strongly believe in the fact that the songs we listen to around the campfire are common property, but that people need to be able to access these songs. It is my vision to make these songs available in three languages (German, English, Spanish) to an international audience for everyone to draw strenght from in their daily lives.
I travelled far and wide and listened to the songs of many different people, cultures and traditions and collected chants the way the Grimm Brothers collected fairytales.

The songs I collect are spiritual ones, so-called chants that people enjoy singing around the campfire. The lyrics often draw from Nature; the Sun, the Wind, Water and Earth and the four elements are often featured. Another important theme of the songs is the fire of passion and the ancient tradition of standing, sitting or dancing in a circle while singing together. People are sharing songs this way and I record them.

Cloudcatcher Reclaiming Witchcamp
13. - 17. April 2017
at Koonjewarre, Sprinkbrook NP, QLD, Australia
Where the clouds touch the earth..
British Columbia Reclaiming Witchcamp
Aug. 24 - Aug. 30, 2015
BCWC celebrated its 28th year in 2015, at Evans Lake, British Columbia, Canada.
Dragonrise Reclaiming Witchcamp
30 July - 2 August 2015
at Wildways in Shropshire, UK
Songs to download, listen & enjoy.
Earth Song Reclaiming Witchcamp
Australia 2014
"You will find some fantastic songs and chants captured during workshops and ritual preparations recorded ...
Download: Songs & lyrics
International Reclaiming Witchcamps
Spanish Witchcamp; Phoenixcamp Germany; USA: Free Activist Witchcamp, Winterwitchcamp, California Witchcamp
Witchcamps and Reclaiming
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