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Co-facilitation of rituals

Strong voice, drum, huge repertoire

As a passionate ritual musician I'd like to accompany and support your ritual with a strong voice, drumming and a huge repertoire of songs. What is the intention of your ritual? I will find the matching songs in my repertoire and sing them with you and for you. I love to travel and I will come to your area.

As ritual musician on tour in the world

At International Reclaiming Witchcamps & Goddess Conferences

Mediaval Market in Otterstedt 2013 
Goddess Conference in Vienna 2014 
Goddess Conference in Vienna 2014 
European Loreley Witchcamp 2004 
Reclaiming Witchcamp, Spain 2005 
Beautiful Sierra de Gredos, Spain 
Reclaiming Witchcamp, Spain 
Reclaiming Witchcamp, Spain 
Glastonbury, UK 2008 
FAWC, Twin Lakes, Oregon, USA 2009 
FAWC, Twin Lakes, Oregon, USA 2009 
Winterwitchcamp Wisconsin, USA 2012 
Morgaine & Peti: Tintagel, UK 2012 
May She bless you, Vienna 2012 
German Phoenix Witchcamp, 2013 
Shooting with Katrin Kutter, 2013 
"We are a circle", Vienna 2014 
Big Love Sisters, Liverpool, UK 2014 
FlashMob in OL, Germany, July 2014 
My 1st Australien Witchcamp, 2014 
Offering CDs at Camp in Australia 
Paula & me after the concert in Italy! 
Let the magic play around Lake Garda! 
In Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA, ...