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21,00 €
Songs between Heaven & Earth

The 2nd CD of "Peti Songcatcher & friends"

I don't want to keep the songs I discovered and collected on my travels to my own singing circle or my performances, but to share them with people all over the world to listen and sing along. Moreover I want to tell the stories behind the songs.

The CD has been released in May 2014. Here you can enjoy a wonderful review - thank you, Curtis Nike!
PDFReview by Curtis Nike - July 2014.pdf

The driving forces behind the project are the musicians Paula Noske (vocals, guitar, drum, percussion, rhythms, arrangements & mix), Duke Meyer (production manager, arrangements & mix, bass, guitar, harmonica, vocals) & myself (vocals, arrangements & mix).

Karin Makrickas, Diana Dunstheimer, Franzy Dunstheimer & Anja Fahrenberg contributed to the vocals in "Fire transform me - slight return" and Judith Zell to the track "Spirit I love you".
Karans evocative flute sounds can be heard in "When you were born“.
Alexandre Barbry produced captivating Didge and Djembe sounds for us and Anja contributed enchanting harp sounds while Manolin Fahrenberg grounded us with the beats of his bodhran.
Michele Broszio helped Paula and me to improve our pronunciation for the songs we sing in Spanish.

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