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Vita - Peti Songcatcher

Ritual musician

Autorin: Faye
Autorin: Faye
Peti Songcatcher is an international singer and ritual musician who performs around the world. She collects songs from International Witchcamps, Goddess Conferences and magic campfires.

Peti has been part of the International Reclaiming tradition for a decade, where she is working and weaving her thread as participant, organizer, teacher and ritual musician to connect people from all over the world.

She offers a safe magical space for people to learn songs and chants, to sing together and share and heal!


A song by Gila Antara contains the line:
I fully agree. Each of us is able to (re)create and shape her or his own life on each single day. We all carry the divine force of creation within ourselves and our ultimate spiritual authority is within.

The journey of my life has brought me to a point where all the experiences and treasures I gained by living this life have come together like in a huge cauldron from which I draw new ideas, vision, projects, concerts... with joy and dedication.

I live deeply connected to nature in a small timber house near Bremen in Germany. I am a happy mother and grandmother as well an engineer.